Miami Valley Pottery

Functional Handmade Wood-Fired Pots

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

If you have a question you don't find answered here, feel free to Contact Us. Thank you!


Are the glazes food-safe?

Yes! We take great care to never use any toxic materials in any of our pieces or in the glazes we use. Our pieces are meant to be used - and we hope you will enjoy so!

Can any of your products go in the dishwasher?

Yes! We do it all the time... and have never had any issues.

Can any of your products go in the microwave?

Yes! There should be no problem to heat most things up in the microwave with our pieces. We do however discourage cooking high-fat meat products (e.g. bacon) directly on dishes. In this case, place a layer of paper towel in between the plate and meat to be safe.

Can any of your products go in a traditional oven?

Yes! Please note however that you should place dish in a cold oven and heat it up with the oven, in order to get it to temperature. We also suggest being certain that the dish is fully covered with food (or a liquid) in order to ensure that the heat is equally distributed.

Can I use the platters to serve food on?

Yes! We highly encourage people to use all of our pottery.  Our platters are first and foremost serving implements.  

Can I hang any of the pieces on the wall?

Yes! Our platters are trimmed with a foot containing two holes to hang on the wall, if you like. There should be a small piece of wire included for exactly this purpose. Feel free to take it out if you decide to use only for serving. 

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! If there is something you don't find, but would like to have made, please feel free to contact us.

Do you supply hotels and restaurants?

Yes! We work with a number of international hotels and restaurants, including the Mills Park Hotel and Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs, Ohio as well as the Primeur and Westerns Laundry restaurants in London, U.K.